Beijing time June 28 at 10 o'clock (United Kingdom summer time June 28, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon) came to a sixth Wimbledon game day. On the 14th pitch of a Chinese fans are very concerned about the match, Peng shuai of China upset eliminated the previous round compatriots Maria Sharapova's dark horse, Russia launched a Guild Wars player kudeliyafutesaiwa. Ultimate Super dark horse victory to 2:1, 3 scores were 6:3, 1:6 and 6:4. Shuai Peng ranked 54 in the world, the highest ranking ever achieved the 31st, the Wimbledon, she tied herself in 06, entered the third round of a Grand Slam for best documentary of creation. Peng shuai has experienced several times in succession at the beginning of the season, "round tour" downturn, came to Wimbledon, rebounded. Rival kudeliyafutesaiwa while world number 154, but her highest ranking peaked at 59 and little-known after her last round upset to beat Sharapova greatly. After the last round of the competition, Sharapova swept out by kudeliyafutesaiwa also behind kudeliyafutesaiwa. Starting the first set, Peng shuai fut coins served first quality opponent got brutally break 2 break points. Kudeliyafutesaiwa the second service game, played so positively won two Peng shuai has no weakness. Final Peng shuai to get a break point, and a break, both sides draw 1:1 went back to the same starting point. However, third, fifth and seventh inning, Peng shuai battled after mental fluctuations, lost his serve three times in a row. By contrast, opponents, strong kudeliyafutesaiwa is in the fourth inning with a LOVE GAME-perfect hair. The eighth, kudeliyafutesaiwa no break opportunity to Peng shuai, she successfully won his service game to 5:3 continues to lead the first set. Key the Nineth, Peng shuai got the success rate continues to decline for opponents to break again to a 3:6 lost the first set. Second set, Peng shuai lost the first disc to give it a try. Kudeliyafutesaiwa there had been a fatal double faults, Peng shuai to get a break point, and a break. Fifth, when Peng shuai to break again to lead 4:1, the crucial Seventh Inning Yue Yue shun Peng shuai are also rivals of a third success of the LOVE GAME to break, leading to 6:1 pulled one back for city. Disc labeled as 1:1, the two sides will continue at the games. Games more Yong Peng shuai, gambit tournament in Vietnam, the first service game again his rival a LOVE GAME well. Neither side appears to break the former Bar Council, both sides in the case of big score draw 1:1 games also came to 4:4. But in the most critical Nineth, Peng shuai ball back out of the bottom line by his opponent in a row Gets the 2 for break point. Kudeliyafutesaiwa successfully after 2 wasted break points to break serve and got the win match. In the tenth inning, kudeliyafutesaiwa used a strong serve first to get the 3 points, Peng shuai after saving 2 match points back to a ball is out of 4:6 lost the third game. Finally ranked 154 in the world kudeliyafutesaiwa 2:1 defeated Peng shuai, dark horse tour will also continue. The whole game play three, takes 111 minutes. Up from the technical statistics, both by much. Run scoring rate, Peng shuai to 59% down to the kudeliyafutesaiwa 62%, binary 58% to a 46% lead. Peng shuai to give 1 ACE, but remember there are 3 recorded both errors, kudeliyafutesaiwa 1 remember ACE and 2 double faults. Peng shuai 8 break chance to get 5, kudeliyafutesaiwa Peng Shuaiduo break under the same opportunity again. On your total score, defeated Peng shuai to 81:78 opponents 3 more minutes. After this battle, the singles game Golden left horse stance, China's Zheng Jie, while Peng shuai were unfortunately unable to create their own Grand Slam best record. Kudeliyafutesaiwa pass 2 next round opponents are Rob seven difficult wins the 21st seed Russia player Petrova.